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At JC we use a model based upon both tradition and innovation. We believe that staying on the cutting edge technologically is very important in continuing to meet the needs of our customers, but we also feel we must stay true to our roots and the practices that have proven themselves over many years of successful business. Our many strong and lasting relationships with prominent brands like Levi's, Christian Dior, and Nestle are a testament to the success of our approach. As we move forward we plan to continue pursuing the latest in acrylic design and fabrication techniques while still staying in touch with the fundamental principles that we have developed over our many years of experience.

At JC Acrylic, We can work with our customers to produce pieces from little more than an idea or a sketch and are also glad to produce from submitted CAD files or other similar already developed designs.  We are able to deal with very high quantities on some runs and are willing to work with customers who need only a small number of pieces on others.  Whatever a customer may require, JC Acrylic an be a strong design and manufacturing partner.  The key to our wide range of manufacturing and design options is in our dynamic CNC capabilities.  We offer all of the following machining techniques:

  • Bending, Shaping and sheet Molding

  • Diamond Polishing

  • CNC Cutting/ CNC Engraving

  • Milling and Tapping

  • Silk Screening

  • Laser Cutting/ Laser Engraving

  • Computerized Panel Saw Cutting

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